I help women start and build a business that gives them options.

My name is Lisa Collum. I have 16 years of real-world experience in helping women start and build businesses. My focus is on helping you create strategy and tactics that consistently generate more revenue, lead to freedom, and do it all with balance.

I’m a CEO, author, educator, and mother of four with a remarkable history of working to change lives both inside and outside the classroom. I own and operate two educational companies, Top Score Writing, Inc., and Coastal Middle and High School.

Lisa's Story

Free Marketing Strategies That Build Your Business.

Marketing is one of the most important parts of building a business. Using various free tools, channels, and strategies helps you get new customers consistently. With billions of people using the Internet every day, there’s never been a better time to start or build your business using the many available free options.

This free guide will give you three free marketing strategies that build your potential customer base, increase overall sales, and create a strategic way to reach those who your business can help. It covers online and offline strategies.

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“Only about 22% of businesses are satisfied with their business’ growth.”

We live in the digital information age.

There are 4.5 billion daily users of the Internet, 5.1 billion mobile phone users, and 196 million daily social media users. Sales online are expected to cross 6.5 trillion dollars by 2023.

It’s a fantastic time to start or build a business more efficiently. Whether you’re starting or building a brick-and-mortar business, or one that’s mainly online — the opportunities are wide open.

However, while the opportunity is excellent, it’s not easy to build a business. Your potential clients are being tracked and targeted through smart technology and software. They’re inundated with sales ads from companies and entrepreneurs that want their dollars.

It’s a Great Time to Build a Business!

They’re being targeted in all the places they frequent in life.

Standing out and showing customers why you’re the business to invest with is easier said than done. One scroll through social media will show you a wealth of women who aren’t making the kind of money they deserve.

You might even be a part of some local groups where women want to start or build a business, but they aren’t making the kind of progress they’re hoping.

They aren’t tapping into their power and claiming the life they want to live. This happens too often because there needs to be a roadmap to having it all.

The Business of Life

There are challenges to building a business, especially if you’re starting your business as a side hustle.



You will be responsible for how to structure the business, marketing, sales, client fulfillment, building a team, outsourcing, and a hundred other things. You’ll wear all the hats, and the responsibilities will fall on you.


Understand your Path

If you’re going to live life on your terms and start or build a business that gives you options, you’ll need to understand the path to get there. Here’s a hint: it’s not the latest shiny tactic.


Proven Strategy

You’ll need proven business strategy if you’re going to create financial security through entrepreneurship.

I help women, just like you, start and grow a business that gives them the option to spend each day the exact way they want to.


Start your Journey

I’m here to empower you to create success through entrepreneurship — no matter where you’re starting this journey.

Lisa's Strategy

Start or Grow a Business That Has Consistent Revenue, Scales, and Lets You Build with Balance

Starting or building a business isn’t just about technology, to-do lists, marketing, sales, or the hundred other things you’ve been told to focus on. It’s about clarity, goals, vision, and long-term strategy.

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Consistent Revenue

Scale your Business

Build with Balance

Live your Best Life

The strategy is a strong female boss’ most valuable asset, and it’s not fully harnessed.

There is no shortage of stories from women that ended up sacrificing their mental and physical health for the growth of their business. They may have achieved success, but it’s not sustainable — and it’s bittersweet.

Lisa's Companies

CEO. Author. Educator. Mother of Four. #momprenuer

Most schools rely solely on reading and grammar programs to teach ELA skills, yet todays tests are heavily weighted on a students ability to write. The lack of writing specific curriculums results not only in lower writing scores, but lower ELA scores across the board.

Schools that implement Top Score Writing call us their “secret weapon” because it quickly and easily raise test scores on the ELA and across the board. After years of analyzing data, we can directly correlate the improvement in writing scores to higher overall school grades. It works and works fast!

Test Scores Go Up!

Simple, Easy To Use Process!

Students Love Learning!

Teachers Choose Top Score!

Proven To Work!

Coastal Middle and High School has been serving students for over 37 years. It is a fully accredited private school in Lake Park, Florida. Hundreds of students have graduated from Coastal Middle and High School and went on to attend colleges all over the state. It is truly a one of a kind school where students feel comfortable, confident, and successful!

Coastal Middle and High School is one of a kind and a very unique place. This is specifically for the child who just needs something different. All kids cannot learn the same way and they shouldn’t have to. I will make sure they create a plan and schedule that works best for them and allows them to show their best. This is not about getting straight A’s. This is about putting forth your best effort, trying your best, and overall just being a good person. I want these students to learn life skills and become more than just a grade point average. No matter what your child may be going through or may have already gone through, this is a place where everyone is accepted, everyone is treated with respect, and everyone is provided the support and tools they need to be successful.

Fully Accredited

One of a kind School

Everyone is Accepted

Students Learn Life Skills

Everyone is Respected

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