Lisa Collum

CEO, Author, Educator, Speaker

“All Students Can Be Successful”

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All Student Can…

In this powerful keynote, Lisa Collum reminds us of the mindset needed for teachers to impact their students in the classroom.

After achieving unprecedented test scores in her first classroom assignment, Lisa faced one of the few challenges no teacher plans for or would ever want to endure: Her students scored too high on their tests. Instead of being celebrated for her unique and impactful methods, Lisa was investigated for wrongdoing—twice.

Lisa could’ve left the education field even though she’d done nothing wrong. Knowing the truth would eventually be confirmed, Lisa chose to dig in and endure the scrutiny instead of running away. Why?

Because like so many teachers, Lisa believes the students are worth it. All students can be successful.

In this presentation, Lisa will share the full story of how she was accused, investigated, and cleared. She’ll also talk about the essential mindset choices we can make to help when adversity comes our way.

First Steps to Writing and Planning

Workshop Description

Embark on a journey to mastering the foundational elements of writing and planning with our engaging workshop, “First Steps to Writing and Planning.” This session will demystify the basics of planning and writing, guiding you through the initial steps of the writing process. Attendees will gain invaluable tools and strategies for effective planning and learn how to construct and utilize outlines to streamline their writing efforts. Whether you’re an experienced educator or new to the field, this workshop will empower you with the skills necessary to foster student success in writing.



Comprehensive Understanding

Attendees will leave with a clear grasp of the fundamental steps in the writing process, from brainstorming to drafting, ensuring a solid foundation for teaching writing skills.

Practical Tools and Strategies

Participants will acquire practical tools and strategies for effective planning and outlining, which they can immediately implement in their classrooms to enhance student writing outcomes.

Meeting the Needs of Below-Level Writers

Workshop Description

Discover effective strategies for teaching writing to students struggling or performing below grade level in our workshop, “Meeting the Needs of Below-Level Writers.” This session focuses on implementing scaffolding techniques, providing explicit writing instruction, and utilizing structured writing frameworks. Attendees will also learn how to offer effective feedback to support and motivate their students. Equip yourself with the tools and approaches needed to help every student find success in writing.



Scaffolding Mastery

Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of scaffolding techniques to support struggling writers and ensure they can progressively develop their skills.

Feedback and Frameworks

Participants will learn how to apply writing frameworks and provide constructive feedback, fostering improvement and confidence in below-level writers.

Engaging Students Through Fun Writing Experiences

Workshop Description

Unleash the joy of writing in your classroom with our dynamic workshop, “Engaging Students Through Fun Writing Experiences.” This session explores innovative ways to make writing enjoyable, ensuring your students remain enthusiastic and motivated. Learn how to teach writing engagingly, utilizing various tips, strategies, and activities to spark creativity and interest. By integrating these fun approaches, you can transform your writing curriculum into a captivating adventure for every student.



Engagement Techniques

Attendees will acquire practical strategies to make writing fun and engaging, keeping students motivated and involved in the writing process.

Creative Activities

Participants will leave with a collection of creative activities and tips that they can immediately implement to enhance their students’ writing experiences.

Achieving Writing Success: Utilizing Top Score Writing’s Simple and Effective Method to Excel on the State Writing Assessment and Boost School Grades

Workshop Description

Unlock the full potential of your students with “Achieving Writing Success: Utilizing Top Score Writing’s Simple and Effective Method.” This workshop offers a comprehensive guide to understanding the importance of state writing assessments and how to prepare students effectively using Top Score Writing’s proven methods. Attendees will learn how to implement this straightforward program to enhance student performance, receive in-depth teacher training and support, and foster student engagement. Discover how this approach can significantly impact your school’s writing scores and overall academic performance.



Proven Implementation Strategies

Attendees will gain a clear understanding of how to implement Top Score Writing’s methods to prepare students for state assessments, ensuring higher performance and confidence.

Enhanced School Performance

Participants will learn how the Top Score Writing program can contribute to improved school grades by boosting both student engagement and achievement in writing.

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